The Science-Based Sales® Association
Our Mission
The Science-Based Sales® Association (SBSA) is dedicated to the advancement of sales professionals, providing an exclusive member’s only community for networking, skills building, and career acceleration, including access to the award-winning Science-Based Sales® certification program.   

While most SBSA members are in technology sales, we welcome sales pros of every kind (inside sales, outside sales, sales leaders, and even sales supporters like sales engineers) from all industries (whether retail, real estate, insurance, pharmaceutical, marketing and others). 

With over 650 members and growing at nearly 80/mo, SBSA members rank amongst the top sales leaderboards throughout the United States. 
Member Benefits
SBSA members enjoy lifetime membership privileges, including:

● Elevate your sales skills with our online on-demand Science-Based Sales® certification program, with help from our Mentors when you need it.

● Learning the Science-Based Sales® way to do outreach to employers like a professional salesperson… selling yourself.

This process often generates interviews from 50%+ of emails sent and job offers from about 20%. (Yes, that sounds too good to be true, so ask our members about their results.)

● Get course updates whenever we add to or improve course materials (we like to stay on top of the latest tools to make you more productive, and we’re always listening to member feedback about what you want to learn)

● Ask for one-on-one mentoring on course content whenever you need it, whether to clarify techniques, to prospect for new jobs, to talk about possible career moves (like a move up to sales management), etc.

● 24 / 7 private online networking with other members (we have an active Slack group) to safely discuss sales skills, employer expectations, prep for job interviews, etc.

● Help creating mini-mastermind groups for friendly rivalry, accountability and fun while growing your career

● Monthly live trainings with SBSA founder, Josh Jordan, plus other industry experts

● Free or discounted access to other courses and events we create in the future

● Access to job opportunities at our partner companies eager to hire SBSA members

● A personal profile you can use to promote yourself to employers
Member Achievements
Our members have achieved the following using the Science-Based Sales® process: 

● So far, members average around $72,000 in their first year of starting software sales jobs after our program.

Some examples...

● Philip Jansen, a former pastor and Uber driver, earned 6 figures in his first year and became the fastest-ever promotion to management at billion-dollar sales engagement company,

Senior management then hand-picked him to work on the Major Accounts team, which he did for three months before getting recruited to LivePerson to run their Strategic Business Development.

● Josh Santos went from making $10 per hour in cold-calling jobs to about $70,000 in his first software sales job within weeks of starting the program.

● Shannon Kuczerepa went from a dental hygienist with body aches from hunching over people’s mouths every day to working from home in a software sales job in a couple of months.

Code of Conduct
All SBSA members are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

1. Accountability – During your certification process, you agree to be on-time to all scheduled meetings, appointments, job interviews and other scheduled obligations. Accountability means following through with your commitments, promises and showing respect for other peoples’ time.

Being accountable also means you will respond to any communications from your Mentor or Advisor within 24 hours (except during non-business days).

2. Complete your Certification – During your certification process, you must complete all course assignments in the timeframe agreed to when you start the coursework. Repetition is key to mastery.

3. Ask for Help – As a member, we encourage you to reach out to your instructors, coaches or other members for help. The SBSA membership community is a strong network of like-minded professionals willing to help each other. This is a key membership benefit, so take advantage.

4. Respect – Since SBSA members have diverse backgrounds. we expect all members to create a positive experience for everyone by being respectful, tolerant, and open-minded. We strive for a welcoming place to learn with encouragement, support and active listening.

We also expect members to respect our intellectual property. The Science-Based Sales® Program is exclusively for members only, so members may not make any unauthorized copy or use of the Program, or use SBSA’s trademarks, names, copyrights, or designations in any promotion or publication without our express permission.

5. Professionalism - During your certification process, punctuality, timeliness, accountability, and open communication are crucial, not only for your success as a member, but also in your career.

Professionalism includes promptly responding to communications from your Mentor or potential employers (within 24 hours on business days). Do not miss any applicable deadlines, and respond to all job interview requests while you are seeking employment.

This is important because, as a member, what you do reflects on your fellow SBSA members.

6. No Harassment - We aim to create an environment of mutual trust and the absence of intimidation, oppression, and exploitation. members must be able to work and learn in a safe, yet stimulating atmosphere.

As such, we will not tolerate any form of harassment, verbal or physical conduct, designed to threaten or intimidate others, which includes but is not limited to the following:

Verbal harassment, offensive or unwelcome comments about a person’s nationality, origin, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, body, disability or appearance, epithets, slurs and negative stereotyping.

Nonverbal harassment includes distribution, display or discussion of any written or graphic material that ridicules, denigrates, insults, belittles or shows hostility, aversion or disrespect toward an individual or group because of national origin, race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, appearance, disability, sexual identity, marital or other protected status.

We also believe in giving people a second (and sometimes third) chance. That’s why, for non-dangerous, non-material or excusable conduct, we will do our best to accommodate a ‘3-strike policy’ prior to dismissal for violations of our Code of Conduct.

During your certification process, our 3-strike policy includes not responding to all communication requests sent by your Mentor or Advisor (whether sent to you via text, email, or phone-call) in a timely way.

Lastly, harmful, dangerous, or material misconduct, will not be tolerated and may result in the automatic dismissal and loss of membership privileges on the first occurrence.
Josh Jordan heads the leadership team of the SBSA, with a mission to create 10,000 new software sales careers by 2024. Josh has perfected the Science-Based Sales® process in the software industry -- one of the toughest environments -- with complex products, key decision makers, long sales cycles and often make-or-break stakes.

Through this harsh terrain, Josh realized first hand that clarity creates sales. It’s not closing, not charisma, having a "killer instinct", or befriending decision makers. It’s clarity.

Josh has/was/is:

●     Built dozens of software sales teams (from 1-30 reps and $1M-$30M in annual recurring revenue)

●     Mentors nearly 100 new members a month break into tech sales

●     Awarded the Sales Hacker Top 10 Sales Leaders from 5,000+ Nominees Worldwide

●     Featured as one of the top 10 most listened-to guests ever on's Sales Engagement podcast

●     Helped a software company called Bidr win the Grand Prize Winner ($100,000) at the 2015 Rise of the Rest Seed Fund hosted by AOL’s Billionaire cofounder, Steve Case.

●     Been featured on HubSpot as guest blogger and sales teacher

Under Josh’s leadership, the SBSA certification program was designed to help regular folks launch software sales careers at companies across the U.S. in 12 weeks -- even without having any prior sales or tech experience.

The SBSA currently helps nearly 100 new members a month break into tech sales, and is on a mission to launch 10,000 new software sales careers by 2024.
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